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About Us - 

Vision statement

We minimise our environmental impact & provide students with a safe, secure and welcoming home where they can flourish.

Caring for the environment

We work hard to manage and reduce the environmental impact of our operations, particularly focusing on:

  • Reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions
  • Reducing water consumption
  • Increased levels of recycling both from our students and our corporate offices, and preventing pollution or damage to the local environment
  • Openly and transparently reporting our performance via mandatory and voluntary metrics including Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB)

We also employed an Energy and Environment Manager to investigate and implement new technical solutions and promote energy efficiency and awareness across our estate.

As a result we have piloted LED lighting in several of our buildings and are planning roll out across all of our properties in 2013/14.We have updated our reporting of our carbon footprint to be in line with the CDP measurement system – a widely recognised international, not-for-profit organisation providing the only global system for companies to measure, disclose, manage and share environmental performance information. This is a more accurate measurement and allows us to track our performance against other companies.In 2012 our overall gas and electricity usage increased, we believe this can partly be attributed to lower temperatures during the year.We also had a particular peak in our consumption in the summer months as a result of development activity.

With the investment we are making in LED lighting, energy management systems and our sustainability strategy we would expect to see a decrease in our carbon footprint in the future.

CO2e emissions pr bed or km
Residental gas (tonnes) 0.153
Residental electricity (tonnes) 1.357
Total residental (tonnes) 1.509
Company cars (kg) 0.195
Absolute consumption
Residental gas (kWh) 34,141,371
Residental electricity (kWh) 116,609,386
Company cars (km) 633,223
Absolute CO2e emissions
Residental gas (tonnes) 6,323
Residental electricity (tonnes) 56,245
Total residental (tonnes) 62,569
Company cars (tonnes) 123

As Sigma Student Properties has grown over the past five years, it has focused on the delivery of individual building projects around the Middle East. Despite variable global economic conditions in recent times, Sigma Student Properties has seen stable growth and is currently overseeing the delivery of all its ongoing commitments.

The group, the micro economies in which it operates and the global financial community has as a whole, over the last year and half, have come under unprecedented pressure from the global recession. Despite this, the group has continued to grow. The readjustment of property values around the world has led to an abundance of fresh opportunities and new investment opportunities.

The current focus for the organisation has been that of completing projects that were undertaken by group on behalf of investors. Many of these projects were sold out within months of their launch thus have been self financing. The global slowdown has in fact benefited Sigma Student Properties in that construction costs as a whole, have become more competitive.

An important facet of expansion for the group has been property consolidation opportunities, due to stalled or abandoned building. Sigma Student Properties has met with a vast number of developers, sub developers and individual investors to help facilitate their investments in ready built or near completed projects. In order to expedite this the group has been in constant discussions with the local authorities. It has also, due to high demand, set up subsidiary brokerages and websites that enable investors wishing to swap their investments.

The group is also currently focussing on regeneration and urban renewal projects. From its origins in the North of England, it has more recently been undertaking projects in a similar vein within the Middle East and India. The rapid growth of new economies over the last decade has lead to sometimes disconnected city planning policy and infrastructure. Sigma Student Properties has been working with governments and master developers to develop design codes and strategies to densify and promulgate high quality urban streetscapes and facilities in and around newly created areas of cities such as Dubai in the UAE.

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