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Real Estate Advisory - 

Portfolio optimisation

Sigma Student Properties has a history of providing a wide range of real estate and urban economic advisory and consulting solutions for corporate, institutional and high net worth clients throughout the Middle East, Europe, and Asia Pacific regions.


Sigma Student Properties Portfolio Optimisation 1


A strong and constantly evolving force within the advisory arena, we focus on the development of strategic platforms and processes, enabling clients to make highly informed real estate decisions, reduce costs, create value and improve performance. Our objective is to ensure that real estate strategies are fully aligned with an organisation’s overall objectives.

We extend advisory services to all major property types and land uses – office, industrial, retail, hotel, residential and mixed-use properties – across the regions we operate in. Our advisory skills and experience are augmented by our extensive global partners, group resources and capabilities, with unlimited access to a rapidly growing network of top industry professionals and the most current best-in-class practices.

We truly believe that our experienced advisors represent the elementary strength of our consulting practice. The reason behind this is our conviction that each individual client group comes with its own set of unique needs, desires and challenges and by focusing on those specific requirements we get into an ideal position to resolve complex real estate matters.

At Sigma Student Properties, our integrated capability of Strategic Consulting, Facilities Management, Project Management and Asset Management combined with our allied design and architectural teams allow us to put in place strategies for optimising your portfolio. Apart from getting the best returns from your real estate assets, this ensures that your overall business objectives are supported by optimum workplace creation as well.

Sigma Student Properties Portfolio Optimisation

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