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Investments & returns

Sigma Student Properties offers Property, Private Equity and Wealth Management services to private and corporate investors.

Our approach to investment portfolio management defines the optimal balance between risk and return – known as the ‘efficient frontier’. Portfolios lying on this curve produce the highest possible return for any given level of risk. Sigma Student Properties investments, when held as part of a well-balanced portfolio, have the effect of optimising the balance between risk and reward – the foundations upon which our business is built.

All future projects are subject to the formality of due dilligence testing, and Board approval, with each one being at various stages of the process, Project Status is indicated in the individual project stats. Sigma Student Properties reviews up to 50 proposed projects at any one time, and only after in-depth analysis by the Board and external bodies, such as accountancy firms and local lawyers does the Business Development Director and CEO recommend a shortlist. The shortlisted developments are then subjected to further, more stringent analysis.


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